Harnessing the power of nature to control pests

Shileendranashak is a broad spectrum, contact foliar oragnic fungicide thta prevents a variety of diseases on ornamentals, trees, potted plants, fruits, vegetables, and turfs. The active principle in Shileendranashak is a blend of natural compounds and synthetic substances which do not contribute to contamination of crop, soil and water. They are generally recognised as sage (GRAS) substances and widely used in food and are integral part of humans, animals, plants and practically all living organisms. It can be applied with normal spray equipment using suggested volume of water to ensure complete covereage of all stems and foliage.



  • Tested broad spectrum efficacy
  • Sprays evenly and sticks to plant surfaces
  • Kills fungal pathogens on contact and provides up to 2 weeks of residual protection
  • vegetables can be harvested even 1 hour after spraying
  • Safe, biocompatible and biodegradable active ingredient

Ingredients & Expiry

Sodium Bicarbonate: 3.5%, Sodium chloride: 3.5%, Copper Sulphate: 5%, Botanical Extract: 5% , Others inert Ingredients: 83%

Expiry: 18 Months from the date of manufacturing



Usage: Shileendra Nashak is a water soluble free flowing powder.Excellent results can be achirved foliar sprays concentrations of 5g/l for majority of applications,repeated at 7-10 days intervals.About 200ltr of spray solution is required to cover an acre of major field crops.

Dosage: 7-10 days of interval in 5g/l

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