Who We are

Nature's protection for your crops

We are a natural agriculture pesticide manufacturer dedicated to providing farmers with safe, sustainable, and effective pest control solutions. Our products are made from carefully selected natural ingredients and are designed to effectively combat pests while preserving the health of crops and the environment.
We believe that the future of agriculture depends on the responsible use of natural resources, and we are committed to making a positive impact in the world through our products and practices

What we do

Empowering farmers with innovative solutions


NeemKavach is a carefully developed neem-based plant protectant using cold pressed neem seed extract.


Sasyakavach is a unique botanical combination where in, it should work against both sucking and chewing type of insects


Shileendranashak is a broad spectrum, contact foliar oragnic fungicide that prevents a variety of diseases on ornamentals, trees.


Sasyamrutham is a plant tonic that contains many vital elements, are quickly bioavailable and support vegetative growth and robustness.

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