Safe and Effective Alternative to Synthetic Chemicals

Neem is traditionally known for its ability in plant protection. Neem Seeds have the maximum pesticidal properties and used much to develop different kinds of neem formulations. Neem formulations are potential against certain pests, have been useful both in organic farming and integrated pest management systems. Neemkavach is a neemoil based Emulsifiable formulation where in many metabolites or principles of the neem are preserved to give good protection when sprayed on crop plants against insects pests. NeemKavach is a carefully developed neem-based plant protectant using cold pressed neem seed extract,through continuous trials in laboratory and on crop plants.All pesticidal and potentiating factors of neem seeds are retained so that it remains effective against variety of plant feeding pests.



  • Mixes well in water and spread well treated surface
  • Effective against both chewing and sucking types of insects on range of crops.
  • Natural origin,safe for environment and for use on food crops,flowering plants and fruit crops.
  • Useful in integrated pest management,even in conventional agriculture

Ingredients & Expiry

Ingredients: Neem Seed Kernel Extract 60% and Insert and functional media 40%

Expiry: 18 Months from the date of manufacturing



Usage: Neem Kavach contains quickly biodegradable natural ingredients and can persist and remain effective for 6-7 days only. The spray needs to be repeated in 7-10 days interval for the desired effect or can be alternated with other pest management options.

Dosage: 5-10ml per litre of water

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