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Sasyakavach is a unique botanical combination where in, it should work against both sucking (mealy bugs, aphids, thrips, plant hoppers, leaf hoppers, whiteflies, scales, mites, bugs) and chewing type of insects (caterpillars, weevils, beetles, etc,.). Sasyakavach, being water soluble, can enter the plant system through both aerial and underfround plant parts and thus is systemic in action against sap sucking insects. 


NeemKavach is a carefully developed neem-based plant protectant using cold pressed neem seed extract,through continuous trials in laboratory and on crop plants.All pesticidal and potentiating factors of neem seeds are retained so that it remains effective against variety of plant feeding pests.


Shileendranashak is a broad spectrum, contact foliar oragnic fungicide thta prevents a variety of diseases on ornamentals, trees, potted plants, fruits, vegetables, and turfs. The active principle in Shileendranashak is a blend of natural compounds and synthetic substances which do not contribute to contamination of crop, soil and water.


Sasyamrutham is a plant tonic that contains many vital elements. These elements are quickly bioavailable and support vegetative growth and robustness. Such robust plants are more tolerant to changes in the environment. The uniform and accurate composition helps in fostering pest tolerance qualities to a plant and can shorten growth cycle

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