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Who we are

Nature-based solutions for modern agriculture

We are a leading manufacturer of natural and sustainable agriculture pesticides, committed to providing farmers with safe and effective solutions for their crops. With years of expertise and research in the field of natural agriculture, we have developed a range of products that utilize natural ingredients and processes to protect crops from pests and diseases.

At Indus Herbs, we believe that agriculture and the environment can coexist in harmony. That's why we are committed to using natural and sustainable methods to support the growth of healthy crops. We work closely with farmers to understand their needs and to provide solutions that meet those needs while preserving the natural environment.

Our mission is to help farmers transition to more sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices while maintaining the high yields they need to be successful. We believe in the power of nature and are dedicated to preserving it for future generations.

Our Products

Eco-Friendly Solutions for Abundant Harvests


NeemKavach is a carefully developed neem-based plant protectant using cold pressed neem seed extract.


Sasyakavach is a unique botanical combination where in, it should work against both sucking and chewing type of insects


Shileendranashak is a broad spectrum, contact foliar oragnic fungicide that prevents a variety of diseases on ornamentals, trees.


Sasyamrutham is a plant tonic that contains many vital elements, are quickly bioavailable and support vegetative growth and robustness.

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We take great pride in the success of our customers, and are always thrilled to hear about their experiences with our services.

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